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David Stone Jr.


David Stone Jr. is the President of Stone Property Management and the heartbeat of the company. David stepped up to the role of President after his father passed away in 2009. Although he had helped his dad with a few demo or landscaping projects in his growing up years, he had never worked in the business side of things and had an overwhelming amount to learn and take on. David jumped in with both feet, learning from experience over the last 9 years, and has since turned his father’s legacy into his life-long dream. When asked what his favorite thing about his job is, he replies “making my hometown the city of my dreams.” David has traveled far and wide and brought inspiration from all of his experiences back to Greenville.

Jessica Weathers

Office Manager

Jessica Weathers has been with Stone Property Management through thick and thin and has proven herself to be one of its most loyal, dedicated, and giving employees. She started at Stone in 2007 with David Stone Sr. and stayed with the company after David Sr.’s passing. When David Jr. took over his father’s business, he was 23 years old with no management or corporate experience. Jessica weathered all the learning curves and mistakes alongside David with endless patience and support, and a large portion of what Stone Property Management is today is owed to the perseverance and hard work of Jessica Weathers. In addition to being one of the cornerstones at Stone, Jessica is also an incredibly caring mother and her selflessness with regard to her work and her family inspires us daily.

Ella Hunley

Assistant Office Manager

Ella Hunley was born and raised in Greenville but planted roots in Dacusville where she built a home with her husband. She is a new mom and her passion is her family and 2 pups. Ella began working for Stone in 2017 in the customer service role and has grown with the company. Her job requires her to handle a lot of tough situations for everybody - yet she handles the biggest debacles with grace and patience. Ask around about Ella at Stone and you’ll hear about her incredible work ethic, ability to tackle any problem no matter how daunting, and her will to make every person she talks to feel that their needs are valued.

Robin Freemantle


Robin Freemantle is originally from Indianapolis, Indiana, but she has lived in Williamston, SC for 24 years raising her three boys. There is almost nothing Robin isn’t good at. She sews, makes soap, gardens, bakes, is a wonderful mother, and makes fast friends with pretty much anyone she meets. On top of all that, she went to school for accounting and keeps the books at Stone Property Management. Her passion for excellence leads her to go above and beyond on every task given to her. She has worked for Stone since 2016 and we don’t know how we’d do it without her. 

Maybel Stone

Office Encourager

Maybel Stone has two official roles. The first and foremost is President’s Assistant. The second, but no less important, is Director of Moral Support and Stress Management. Soon after Maybel was rescued in 2012, she was given a position at Stone Property Management and has taken her job very seriously. Mabel is constantly looking out for the other employees, and is incredibly intuitive about the needs of the staff at Stone. She can sniff out someone who has had a hard day from anywhere in the office and is very eager to offer support and encouragement to anyone who needs it. She has also been an indispensable asset to David, and likes to travel with and support him as often as possible. 


Josh Hutson

Maintenance Director

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Jason Guthrie 

Lead Technician

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Sabastian Mulder

Technician Assistant 

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Bill Frazier

Project Manager

William “Bill” Frazier was born in Toledo OH, and has lived in Greenville for 15 years. He spent 15 years teaching Construction Technology in Ohio and Utah at vocational schools and has filled the role of project manager and has been absolutely indispensable. Managing construction can throw some serious curveballs, but Bill has a way of handling the toughest situations with ease and never losing his cool. In addition to his remarkable construction expertise, he’s also an excellent listener and communicator, which makes him a top-notch manager to work with. Bill is a vegetarian with a passion for staying in shape — He’ll work all day doing physical labor and then end the day with a 7 mile run. We couldn’t ask for someone more dependable and competent than Bill. 

Kevin Poore


Kevin “Dynamite” Poore was born in Chicago IL, but has lived in SC for 28 years. He is one of the employees that has worked with Stone the longest and even worked for David Sr. before he passed. Dynamite calls his job “Chaos Management,” because when things go wrong, he’s the man you can depend on. David says Kevin is best at blowing things up and putting them back together better than they were, hence the name “dynamite.” If you’re looking for someone who will cut corners on a job, you best move along. Dynamite would never hear of it. Above and beyond is the only way he operates, and he will never settle for a half-baked job. He has an uncanny ability to retain knowledge from his experience in plumbing, structural, electrical, and environmental work and his skills are greatly valued at Stone Property Management. 

Jason Gordon

Project Hand

Jason Gordan was born and raised in the Travelers Rest/Greenville area. He is a full time firefighter at the Parker Fire Department where he was awarded the rank of Captain. He is an avid hunter and a lover of the outdoors. Jason brings such a positive attitude to the group, always looking at the glass half full and never afraid to jump in and give a hand. He has a knack for working well with others even when challenges arise. He has two daughters age 17 and 8 who he loves very much. We are proud to have such a dedicated first responder on our team that exemplifies the firefighters code of ethics which was founded on mutual respect and trust between firefighters and the citizens they serve.


Daniel Davenport

Crew Leader

Daniel was born and raised in Greenville. Recieving a bachelors degree from Bob Jones University Daniel stives to continue educating himself in whatever he is involved in. With 5 years as a personal trainer, Daniel knows the importance of good health and fitness. Coming into the company with firsthand experience running a landscaping crew Daniel has continued to educate himself on becoming more knowledgeable of the trade. Daniel has a strong work ethic and even stronger faith. He "enjoys helping others" whether its at his Church or on the job. We couldn't of asked for a better individual with outstanding moral fiber to lead our landscaping division. Daniel is happily married and just had a beautiful baby daughter!  



Charles Lee Tolliver Jr has been the longest standing employee at Stone Property Management - he’s worked for the family business for almost 30 years and has become an honored member of the Stone family. While David was growing up, He and Charles did landscaping together and Charles took him under his wing. As the primary landscaper for Stone Properties for three decades, Charles has proven himself to be a hard worker and a loyal employee. He has a strong commitment to excellence and always sees to it that a job done right the first time. He’s strong as an ox but incredibly gentle and full of humor. He’s everyone’s favorite, and Stone would not be Stone without him. 

Bear Smith

Crew Technician

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