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For a non-emergency maintenance request, please access your Online Portal and include a detailed description of the problem or call our office at 864-271-4442. Calls to the emergency maintenance line deemed non-emergencies or due to the negligence of the tenant may result in a $50 charge. To avoid unnecessary charges for non-emergency calls made to the maintenance emergency line, please refer to our list below of examples comparing emergencies and non-emergencies.

In Case of Emergency


We, at Stone Property Management, hope that during your tenancy you will never experience an emergency. In the event that you have an emergency, please place your safety and the safety of others ahead of protecting your home and belongings.


Emergency Procedures:

  • In the event of a fire, call 911 and request assistance.
  • In the event of a burglary, prowler or trespasser, call 911 and request assistance.
  • In the event neighbors exhibit behavior that is unruly, disturbing and/or has some negative effect on you and your family, call 911 and request assistance.
  • In the event of a power, water, sewer or telephone problem, first call the appropriate utility for assistance. (Listed below)
  • Only after you and your family are safe should you contact our office with concerns.


Local Utility Contacts



  • Duke Energy Company..................................... (800) 777-9898


  • Piedmont Natural Gas ...................................... (800) 752-7504


  • Greenville Water System................................... (864) 241-6000


  • City of Greenville .............................................. (864) 467-4345
  • Greenville County ............................................. (864) 232-6721




At Stone Property Management, we define a ‘maintenance emergency’ as a malfunction of property that may result in further damage to the property or pose an immediate threat to safe living conditions. If you are experiencing a maintenance emergency, please call 864-918-2835.  As a backup, if you are unable to reach us via the emergency line, you may send a detailed email to  This email is checked periodically during after-hours and weekends.  If your maintenance issue DOES NOT REQUIRE IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE TO RESTORE SAFE LIVING CONDITIONS, please call our main line at 864-271-4442.


Please keep in mind that not all maintenance issues can be resolved immediately due to circumstances beyond our control such as Sub-Contractors being completely booked for the day, parts needing to be ordered or on back order etc.  However, your satisfaction is at the top of our list and we will always strive to act within a reasonable time to take care of your maintenance emergency. 


What qualifies as an emergency?


If you are unsure whether you are experiencing an event necessitating a call to our maintenance emergency line, refer to the examples below for guidance. At Stone Property Management, we define a ‘maintenance emergency’ as a malfunction of property that may result in further damage to the property or pose an immediate threat to safe living conditions.


Electrical Malfunctions: In the event that an electrical plug, switch, fan, light fixture, appliance or circuit breaker is not functioning properly, IMMEDIATELY DISCONTINUE USE and call Stone Properties main line (864-271-4442) for assistance. DO NOT CONTINUE USING AN ELECTRICAL PLUG, SWITCH, FAN, LIGHT FIXTURE, APPLIANCE OR CIRCUIT BREAKER THAT IS HOT TO THE TOUCH, SMOKING OR SPARKING. Although these malfunctions may not be emergencies, they may potentially cause further problems. We will respond to these malfunctions as soon as possible. In the event a fire develops, call 911 immediately and request assistance.


Plumbing Malfunctions: In the event your hot water heater is leaking or another water pipe inside the house is leaking, if possible, shut off the water supply to the fixture or appliance. If necessary, shut off the main water supply to the house until the leak is repaired. If the leak is serious and is likely to cause damage, please call our office during business hours immediately. If after hours, call our emergency line at 864-918-2835. If the heater is not leaking, but not heating water properly, this is not an emergency. Please call our office for such a maintenance issue and we will address as soon as possible.


In the event a drain or toilet backs up, it is likely an object or substance originating from inside the property. You can try clearing the pipes with a plunger or chemical drain cleaner. Read warnings and instructions thoroughly before using any chemical drain cleaners. Chemical drain cleaners can cause damage to plumbing if not used properly. Should plumbing need repair due to tenant’s negligence, tenant will be held responsible for incurring repair costs. This includes a child’s flushing of toys, overuse of toilet paper, dumping of cooking grease, clogging from disposal of food and other debris in kitchen sink, etc. You may call a plumber or drain cleaner any time at your own expense to unclog your drains.


Heating and Air Malfunctions: Generally, heating and air malfunctions are not maintenance emergencies, unless the smell of gas is prevalent. If this is the case please turn off the heating system immediatelyopen windows and/or doors to allow the premises to ventilate and exit the apartment. First call the appropriate utility company (Piedmont Natural Gas - (800) 752-7504). In the event extreme temperatures are being experienced (below 40 degrees), the emergency maintenance line may be used. Calls for requests for service due to loss of power resulting in temporary disuse of heating and air functions should be directed to the appropriate utility (Duke Energy Company - (800) 777-9898).


Flooding: Flooding may occur due to either excessive rainfall or burst plumbing. If it appears as though flooding may cause damage to the premises or unsafe living or working conditions, calls to the emergency maintenance line should be made immediately.  


Tree Damage: In the event a tree or limb causes damage to the premises (roof damage, wall damage, blocked driveway) during business hours please call the office, if it is after hours please call the emergency maintenance line. If a tree or limb causes damage to power lines or transformers, direct calls to the proper electric utility.



If you are experiencing an after-hours maintenance emergency, please call 864-918-2835 to reach us 24/7. 


If your inquiry is deemed a non-emergency, you may be billed accordingly. For more information, please refer to our Emergency Policy

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